it's late in the day to be requesting this, and honestly i'm fairly confident everyone who reads this blog is related to me somehow so they are already WELL informed... but i just gotta do it.

"Ask and you shall receive" and stuff.

Please pray for my niece today. A little over a half hour ago she was admitted to the hospital to get prepped for her heart surgery that is scheduled to take place at 1:00 pm today. Now I know she is itty bitty and it seems phenomenal, even a bit crazy, that they are performing surgery on her little precious heart... but they did it when she was just a few days old and weighed little more than a large pack of M&Ms (i like to compair everything to food weights), and they're doing it today.

God has truly had his hand on Cadence from the day He brought her into this world. He has repeatedly used her as a vessel to display just how majestic He is. I just know this is another such instance.

But would you mind praying anyways?



Amanda said…
Thank you Blondie!