Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I promised ya'll I would not forget!
  • Exiting the bathroom stall on Sunday morning wearing a super cute skirt... which is tucked into your undies!*
  • Okay, so I've been trying to run, right?  And in order to keep me motivated, I listen to music, which sometimes includes gangster rap.  And sometimes while I've got those inappropriate lyrics blaring in my earbuds, I run past a nice, sweet looking family.  Often with small children.  I even earned double awkward bonus points the day I ran past a summer nature camp group.
  • The borderline obsession Shmem and I had with finding poison oak/ivy (whichever one grows up the Pacific NW) during our hike to fossil rock.  
Here's photographic evidence of one particular species of plant we believe might be the itchy variety.
  • I had my first bubble tea experience, and found the tapioca bubbles to be awkward but not awful.  I think I'll need a few more taste tests before I'm sold one way or another.
  • When my sister took my picture this week, glanced at the back of the digital camera screen, and doubtfully asked "Hmm, Natalie, is that the look you were going for?"  She then proceeded to show me the screen and... well... all I saw was a smile.  Ooops?

  • For my baptism, my mom got me a brand new jump drive and put a note on it that says "Jesus saves.  Now you can, too."  Awesome play on words, mom.  Well done.
  • The nostalgic, childlike sensation I get every single time I ride through a car wash.
  • Newspaper nails. 
  • Home made trail mix.  I prepared a gargantuan bag for my trip to Seattle with Emily, and it was delicious.
  • The miniature steam trains we got to ride in Molalla while visiting Noah's (brother in law) family ranch

Cadence, Shmem, and Amanda waiting at the station.
Noah, Amanda, and Shmem on the train.
Grannie Annie and Bad Dad.
Cadence and I.  She refused to smile.  You can do that when you're 4.
  • Also awesome is the ranch itself.
This is the roof of the lodge Noah's dad and brothers are building
The interior
The exterior of the lodge - supposedly the ENTIRE thing came from just ONE tree.  Can you believe it?  (me neither)

The inside of one of the darling little one-room cabins
The view from the window
Pocket sized cabin.  I love it.

    *While I cannot take personal credit for this awkward moment, it did happen to one of my dearest friends, with whom I share absolutely everything... including awkwardness.


    Joelle said…
    1) I attempted newspaper nails again and it worked a lot better with polish that has no sheen to it.
    2) Is that train thing called Shady Dell Park or something like that? If so, I am 99.999% sure my home school group went on a field trip there when I was a kid. I've got pictures of me riding the train.
    3) No idea who you are referring to with that whole skirt-tucked-into-the underwear thing.
    Vanessa's Dad said…
    Cool photos of the mini-trains and Rowan Ranch.

    Hmm I believe you forgot an "Awesome": Sliding down very steep dirt hills with your favorite sister, Emily.
    Amanda said…
    Cadence and I were at Miss Diane's yesterday and she used the potty successfully. (yay!) When she was done I looked over and saw that the entire front of her dress was tucked into her panties. I told her we needed to fix this and she asked "But why?" To her, there was absolutely nothing wrong and certainly not awkward about walking around with your dress tucked into your panties. Oh the innocence of preschoolers. She didn't really appreciate me "fixing the problem" either.

    Awkward indeed Blondie. You are beautiful and someday I will learn to keep my big fat mouth shut. I'm sorry. Please forgive me.

    Joelle, yes it was Shady Dell where we rode the trains! I hope to go back some day and have a picnic there when we have more time.

    So glad you could come hang out at the Ranch with us. I'm hoping we can come back next summer. Maybe by the end of the summer the lodge will be finished and there will be plumbing up there. Either way, I'm sure you are more than welcome to spend a night or two in the darling pocket sized cabins. :)
    Carol J. Brown said…
    The Rowan Ranch is beautiful!