Awkward and Awesome Thursday (and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!)

  • Setting the smoke alarm off outside the bathroom when I made the brilliant decision to shower with the door opened.  This resulted in me - in my full birthday suit - desperately waving my towel in front of the dang thing just to get it to shut up.  And no, it was not the first time it's ever happened.
  • The insatiable ketchup craving I've had for the last 3 months.  Seriously, I can't get enough of it.
  • "Popcorn Prayer" - you know, where one designated person starts the prayer, and everyone else is invited to pray aloud as the Spirit moves them??  This always gives me an anxiety attack.  I spend most of the time stressing out over what I'm going to say (because yea right like I'm going to be the only person in the group who doesn't feel "moved" enough to pray), and the rest of the time stressing even more about when to say it.  Inevitably two people always end up starting at the same time, causing an awkward battle of politeness - neither one wanting to open their eyes (because, you know, we're praying), forcing them to somehow creatively communicate to the other person about who is going to go first.
  • Pushing a 235 pregnant teenager in active labor up a ramp in a wheelchair.
  • I successfully ran 10 minute intervals this week for the first time!
  • Praying God's word back to Him.  My church hosted an all night prayer meeting last Friday, and for a section of the night we did a whole group (we're talking 130+ people here) Popcorn Prayer, where we prayed our favorite Bible verses back to God.  I've never experienced anything quite like it, and I found it incredibly beautiful and inspiring.
  • The delicious crepes and bbq pulled pork fries my friends and I devoured from the food carts - which were STILL open at 2:30 am - after we skipped out a little "early" on the prayer meeting.  I just adore this city!
  • Witnessing someone in active labor for the first time ever.  It was incredible! 
  • My MOMMA, who just happens to be having a birthday TODAY.
 Happy Birthday, Momma.  I pray it is amazing!


Kendra said…
Dave feels the same way about Popcorn prayer! He always says "can we have designated pray-ers instead?" when it's suggested!
Carol J. Brown said…
Happy birthday again, Linda!