Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • When you say goodbye to someone, only to realize you are actually headed the same direction.  This happened after church on Sunday... twice.  
  • Mustaches.  Awesome in theory, super awkward in real life.

  • Returning home from my thrice-weekly wog (walk/jog combination... technically it's supposed to be a run, but who are we kidding?) only to discover my car was egged.  Gross.
  • Attempting to navigate a zillion cords, outlets, and cables just to set up the internet in my new apartment.  Even more unfortunate: the only functioning cable jack in the place is located in the dining room, therefore our modem and router currently live underneath the table.
  • Joelle and I had a slumber party last week, whereupon we decided to tap into our collective childhood and build a fort in her living room.  Epic.
This photo was taken with Joelle's cellphone.  Not the greatest quality but you get the picture.
  • Nail polish that lasts longer than 3 days without chipping.  I've reached a new record: 7 days!
  • Aquatic Adventures at Salmon Falls.  The water is crystal clear and freezing cold.  Summer fun!
  • I discovered a plethora of delightful wogging paths in the Wildlife Refuge near my house.  My exercise routine has been transformed.
  • And of course, most awesome of all: on Sunday, I was re-baptized in the Willamette at the Sellwood Riverfront Park.  It was such an incredible experience publicly declaring Christ as my Redeemer.