Did you know?

.... that I hate the feeling of a fan blowing on me?

.... that I have an irrational fear of mascots and garages?

.... that ranch dressing is quite possibly my least favorite food item on the planet? (with honeydew following as a close second)

.... that I absolutely adore my job right now?

.... that I took piano lessons for 9 years of my life?

.... that I can barely play "Chopsticks" now?

.... that God loves you so fiercely that He would do absolutely anything to have you love Him back?

.... that I love you, too?


Carol J. Brown said…
I'll have to try to remember that bit about ranch dressing.
Vanessa's Dad said…
I'm your father, and I did not know much of that. Thanks for sharing.

Glad to hear you love your job. That's huge blessing. Glad you don't take that for granted.

I love you... and I like Ranch dressing, too, especially with bacon bits.

Joelle said…
Geeze, I hate melon. Did you know there was a cantaloupe recall? I heard about it on the radio. I was all "good think I hate melon!"
Nicole said…
Your dad might have misread the part about the Ranch dressing. I actually wanted to comment because I hate fans blowing on me, too, unless I'm really, really hot, which isn't all that often. I hate air conditioning, too. I hate mascots and birds. I took piano lessons for probably 13 years, and the only think I can play is the third movement of Sonatina by Clementi. It's a nice song, but seems like such a waste. Anyway. We have a lot in common. Did you know that?