Stuff Christians Like

Joelle turned me on to this blog and I can't stop laughing.  In fact, I've gone back to the beginning to read them all.  I started at #1 and am currently taking a breather at #131 to share some of the hilariousness with you.  Because I doubt any of you have as much free time as me, I'll spare you the search and give you a few of my favorites (so far).  Some are links, because his little blurb is even funnier than the title.

  • Bible "fanny packs" (zippers, pencil holders, handles, oh my!)
  • Fearing the rapture would come before you lost your virginity
  • Side-hugs

There are also some more serious (though still quite funny) ones I've enjoyed:


Kendra said…
Ha! Those are great!!!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
Well, I just want to say... we just need to be more forgiving... 'cause I just don't know how we're gonna make if we can't just be more patient with each other.

I'm just saying...