I have the best best friend ever

Today, I made a rare trip down to our mail room (I'm somewhat notorious for never checking my mailbox).  As I scooped the copious amounts of junk mail and bills out of our mailbox, I noticed a bright blue package at my feet.  Upon further examination, I discovered my name written on the front of this package.

My dear, sweet best friend Joelle sent me a little care package for the term.  Inside, I found home-baked chocolate chip cookies (yummmm) and several darling envelopes, each with a different date stamped on the back.  I opened the one marked for today and was beyond elated to find a two-page handwritten love letter, as well as a handcrafted necklace she purchased at the Oktoberfest for me.

Are you kidding me?  Am I lucky, or what??


Carol J. Brown said…
Yep, very luck to have a friend like Joelle. They're rare.
Joelle said…
I actually think I am the one who has the best friend ever. And you're welcome.