Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Ahh guys, I've been a failure at blogging this week. No picture or anything today either, sorry guys.  I'm kind of lame.

But at least I remembered to write a post.... So here we go:

  • Your boss throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a meeting.  And then never apologizing for it.
  • Getting a bloody nose in the middle of class while a peer is presenting.  Should I be rude and get up out of my seat or just take care of business right there and then deal with the evidence during a break?  (I opted for the latter... does that make me like these people?)
  • The bar, Copper John's, in Salem.  It's pretty foul. 
  • The grow out on my hair dye job.  Luckily it's only the under part of my hair so you can't really see it unless I have it pulled up, but it's pretty awful.
  • Riding a different bus home and not knowing when/where to get off.  Then having to walk 3/4 mile on a dark road with no sidewalk and no shoulder.  I carried my cellphone in one hand and my pepper spray (finger on the trigger) in the other.  Ha.
  • My roommate rescuing me from the side of aforementioned dark and scary road halfway into my commute.  THANK YOU SCHUYLER!
  • I got the job!
  • My purse arrived in the mail yesterday and I love it even more in person than I ever did in photograph.  Such a happy girl!
  • My community group girls surprised me with a card and get-well cookies (which I put in the freezer until Easter, duh!) on Monday.  It was SO sweet and unexpected.  I'm so blessed by them.
  • Trying out new crockpot recipes... and finding them to be delicious.  I received approval from both Schuyler and Quinn on the split pea soup recipe I got from Jules.  Keep 'em coming friends.


Carol J. Brown said…
Congratulations on getting the job you applied for. Did you mention what kind of job? If so, I missed it.
Vanessa's Dad said…
U R awsome!

Have a great weekend. Only about 30 days until your birthday!!