Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Locking your keys in your car just as you arrive to a client's home for a home visit.  Thank God for AAA.
  • The fact that my cheap (but cute, that's why I bought it) alarm clock insists on going off twice every Monday morning, no matter how I set it.
  • Resumes.  I can never seem to get mine to look right.
  • Elevator rides.  With just you and one other person.  To talk or not to talk?
  • Sometimes when I'm working out in my living room, someone will walk right up to my window to either do landscaping or work on the power box that's located just outside it, causing me to hit the floor and crawl super awkwardly over to the cord to close the blinds so they can't see me in all my sweaty glory.
  • Free Portland Timbers tickets - in the Key Club section.  Fancy
  • The fact that said free tickets also came with free food.  Okay so maybe it was just cheap hot dogs and pretzels.  Ask me if I care - everything tastes better when its free.
  • Speaking of free things, how about the FREE magic show Schuyler and I got to go to last night?  It was with this guy, who was on America's Got Talent.
  • The sunshine!  One of my friends said Oregonian's should get "sun days" like we do "snow days," you know, since they're both so rare...


Carol J. Brown said…
It's a great picture of you and Quinn, and how nice that you got to go to a Timbers' game, free or not.