Saying goodbye to sweets is hard, of course, but it's getting tough not to read my favorite blogs.

Especially when my friends (who know of my Lenten Sacrifice, ahem, JOELLE) tag me in blog posts on facebook, so everyone knows I've been mentioned in a blog that everyone else can read but me.


Only one more week!

P.S. This is the first year in as long as I can remember that I will not be purchasing a new dress for Easter.  Also, no one has invited me over for Easter Dinner.  (hint hint)


Amanda said…
If you can make it to Nevada, you can come to Easter Dinner here. It's a brunch rather. And it's a day early on Saturday. And it will be at Steve and Colleen's gorgeous house. And the girls will be looking for Easter eggs in REAL grass! I realize that "real grass" thing is not a big deal to you, but here in the desert, that's awesome! Somehow searching for bright colored eggs on our cement slab in the backyard or in the "desert landscape rock" in the front yard just does not have the same feel to it- lol!
Vanessa's Dad said…
You could dress up as the Easter Fairy Cowgirl and eat your family for Easter Dinner if they were made of marshmallows!!!???

I gotta stop spending so much time Skying with grandkids.