Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • The kokahugamongo (aka, really really big) spider that appeared in the periphery of my vision the other night, causing me to SHRIEK and wake an almost sleeping Schuyler.  While the shrieking may hint at some silly weakness of mine, I will have it be known that I did the spider shmooshing all by myself, thank you very much.
  • Attempting to catch up on reading homework in the lobby of the School of Social Work, which resulted instead in me being a Chatty Cathy with just about everyone who walked by.  I shouldn't complain though, at least it means people like me enough to want to talk. :)
  • Sideways rain.  There's only so much a hood or umbrella can do to protect you when the rain is falling practically horizontally. 
  •  Joelle thinks her arm looks awkward in this picture (from Easter Sunday):
 I think it's more awkward in this one (no offense, mine is awkward in this one, too):
  Finally we got this not awkward shot:
 And just for fun, here's one from us last Easter. :)
  • Schuyler's mom gave him an Easter basket, which he foolishly left in the living room.  HELLOOOOO candy.  :)
  • 31 cent scoop night at Baskin Robbins.  And the fact that Lent is over so I can enjoy both the candy AND the cheap ice cream.
  •  How fancy I feel in my professional pants.
  • This deliciously awkward video (so awkward it's awesome):


Vanessa's Dad said…
Awkward that she had so much trouble. Awesome that she hung in there and kept at it. She'll make it. Reminds me of Amanda's perserverence.