Despite the distinct snufalufagus tone to my speech (still!), I am a happy girl today for two particular reasons:

1. I have a job interview at 1:00.  So if by some chance you read this before then, maybe shoot up some prayers that they can overlook my sicky face and decide they simply cannot continue operating as an organization one single day longer without me as an employee.

2. My sisters Amanda and Vanessa just surprised me by ending my long, suffering, unrequited love for this purse.  It's an early birthday present.  It should arrive at my doorstep next week.  YEEEEE!!!!


Kendra said…
Aw,,,,I'm so happy you are getting the purse!!
Vanessa's Dad said…
I hope your job interview went well. I'll check Facebook after this and see if there's an update.

Glad you are enjoying your early birthday present (or late Re-Birthday present). Anticipation is fun.