Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Clamping down on my arm with my hair straightener, leaving the most epic burn mark. Which I now rub with cocoa butter every day.  The pregnant girls at work figure if it helps with their stretch marks it might help me avoid another gnarly scar (don't get ready in the dark, folks)
  • My new apartment has no lights in the living room or either of the bedrooms.  Also awkward: it doesn't have a peephole either.  
  • Meeting my new neighbor for the first time at 11:27pm when he knocked on my door to inform me that my keys were still in it!
  • Arriving at a thai restaurant at the end of a long day of moving, only to be greeted by the hostess with a blatant up-down look and the words, "Oh, are you here to pick up a to-go order?"  Ummm, no.  We're here to eat.
  • Getting puked on by an infant approximately 3 hours into my 15 hour shift.  Yum.
  • The new bright red tea kettle I just purchased for my kitchen
  • Peacock feather earrings

  • Playing at the Splash Pad with my nieces and nephew.  I just love being an auntie.
  • THE WAFFLE WINDOW!  Probably my new favorite place in all of Portland.  Beware: next time you come visit, I just may try and convince you to go there with me.... multiple times.
  • Freckles


Carol J. Brown said…
Loved seeing the pictures of you and your nieces and nephew playing in the water. Have fun this weekend.