Surprise Wedding

Is this romantic?  Crazy?  Both?

I can't decide if I would be relieved, as she was at the end, that all the stress of planning was taken care of... or disappointed that I didn't get to go all OCD on my own wedding.

On a side note, how adorable is it that he brought her ENTIRE bedroom over? 


Amanda said…
Oh my!!! I have tears in my eyes. Crazy- yes. Romantic- yes. One of the sweetest things I've seen. And so much thoughtfulness and planning. Wow, he worked hard on that. I think you have to really know your future bride and have faith she'd go along with it, but wow, that was beautiful how much effort, thought, attention to detail and and consideration he put into it all. And she said the plan was just to elope in Vegas and she was so relieved to have the wedding stress behind her so I think it was very sweet of him to give her a real wedding with all the little things she wanted.
Vanessa's Dad said…
It seemed perfect for them... and that's what's important.

BreAnna said…
It seems like a bit of both. But mostly adorable. It obviously worked for them. Now if they hadn't been planning on eloping I would say this kind of plan would be crazy.