Fresh ink

I missed Awkward and Awesome Thursday due to the fact that our stolen borrowed internet was malfunctioning all day, so instead I will just share some of the more awesome moments from the past few days.

1. I finally got a new tattoo:
It's my favorite Bible verse in Latin, "Be Joyful Always." My brother in law designed it as a birthday gift to me and I ADORE it.
2. I finally went to a concert at Edgefield.  Better still, the concert was Amos Lee.  I love him.
Childhood friends, Maegan and Jenn.
3. I finally started training for a race.  I don't think it's any secret that I hate running, but for whatever reason I've always wanted to do a race.  Well after Kendra did the Shamrock Run and Vanessa did two runs, I decided to jump on that bandwagon and train myself.  I'm on week one of the couch-to-10k program, and so far I haven't died.

It's been quite the productive weekend so far.


Kendra said…
LOVE the tat!! I bet the man who designed it is SO good looking =)

And YEA for running races! I hate running. I remember telling David once when we first met something to the effect of "if you ever see me running, call the cops cauz I'm being chased!" I haven't run more than two feet since the Shamrock run, because, well, I still don't like running. But I do like crossing the finish line!!
Carol J. Brown said…
Training for a run. Better you than me.
Vanessa's Dad said…
Moving well is great. Movement is like nutrition for the body.