Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  •  Pretty much every other time I blow my nose, it results in blood.  Awkward AND Gross.
  • Last week, the maintenance guy came in to FINALLY install a screen in my bedroom window.  I scurried to haphazardly toss the comforter back across the bed and make it look like I hadn’t just been laying in it (hey!  It was my day off!), and then stood back awkwardly as he attempted to maneuver my crowded room and access the window.  I watched in horror as he lifted my bed to move it, knocking it completely off the four bed risers.  Unbeknownst to him at the time, that one small act would result in nearly 20 minutes of the two of us lifting and shifting my covers, mattress, and box spring around until all four corners of the bed frame were securely placed back into their plastic lifts.  Did I mention we did all of this while I was still in my pajamas?  Ayiyi.
  • Conducting ant genocides in my house... nightly.  Why oh why do they love cat food so much?
  • Jokes that are interpreted seriously.
  • Craigslist car shopping.  And I thought searching for ROOMMATES was awkward.
  • Slumber parties with Emily and The Twins.  Being an auntie is SO fun!
  • When my friends come to visit and stay the whole weekend!!  When I was little, we were never allowed to have more than one slumber party in a row (let's face it, we were rarely allowed to have slumber parties - poor, poor deprived children), so it seems like an extra special treat now that I'm a grown up.
  • Crackle nail polish.
Emily and I.  Can you believe how much TANNER than me she is?
  • The magical Candyland Bakery just a few blocks from my new apartment.  It's 100% gluten free, too.
  • The sweet bluetooth in my rental car - it plays out of the stereo speakers, and I can control it all from my steering wheel.


Julie said…
Two Mama Jules Crazy Lady hints for you...

For the bloody nose... get grapeseed capsules. Natural way to end nosebleeds.

For the ants... a couple drops of Dawn liquid detergent with water in a spray bottle. Works like a charm and won't hurt the cat food or the cats.

Hugs from Medford!!! Jules
Vanessa's Dad said…
Gluten free stuff from Candyland. Yeah, I know exactly where you get that... the ability to talk yourself into anything.

I had an old-fashioned NuttyBuddy Ice cream cone at a CASA concert, and was able to tell myself that it's a healthfood, 'cause it had nuts. :)

Katie said…
I think we must live very close to each other! I am not too far from the crazy bakery...which is kind of wierd, I went with my gluten intolerant friend. :)