My Crowded Little Nook

Every time I move, I get a new desk.  Either a larger one or a smaller one, depending on the size of the space I have available.  At first it was sheer necessity that drove this search.  Now, it's more of a tradition.

I was the first one of the two of us to move into the new apartment.  Anna (my new roommate) suggested I choose whichever bedroom I wanted, one of the bedrooms measuring significantly larger than the other.  Naturally, I would love to have the big one... but I felt like a jerk snapping that up all for myself.  Plus, the big room faces the busy street and the hot afternoon sun, so it's pretty noisy and insanely hot. 

Considering the fact the small room is still larger than my old room at Joelle's house, I figured I'd be able to cram all my junk into it no problem.  And I did.  But I still didn't feel settled until I'd found my new desk.

Several failed craigslist connections and at least five different Goodwill trip's later, I finally found a new home for my laptop and office supplies.
Someday, I would love to paint it red.  Won't that be SO adorable?
 This of course, warranted a celebratory IKEA lamp purchase.  I've been eying this sucker for years and patiently waited until I found the right space for it.
In case you can't tell, since it's so chaotic in this picture; the lamp is the white coke-bottle shaped, paper thing sandwiched in between the bookshelf and the new desk. I'm not entirely certain this is really the "right space" for it, but it fits and it's functional.  As I mentioned before, we have no lights in our bedrooms.
 Wanna see more of my crowded-little-nook-of-a-bedroom?
Deciding where to put my bed in this bedroom was quite the project.  Someday I'll have a real bed, with a headboard and everything.  That day will probably be the day I have to share my real bed with a husband.  I think I can wait. 
I love my little black out curtains.  Not only for the way they block out the light so beautifully, but because I think they make the otherwise boring window kind of "pop."
Yeah it's cramped up in here.  Someday I dream of having a simple, clean bedroom.  Where the focus is, you know, the bed.  But for now, I have more of a multipurpose room going on.  It's a bedroom, library, office, and vanity all at the same time.

Oh and my worries about the other room being too hot?  Poppycock.  It's hotter than Hades in here as well.  So, dad, this next photo is for you:
This right here is the fan that Joelle and I purchased brand new (still in the box!) from Goodwill and assembled BY OURSELVES!


Vanessa's Dad said…
I'm so proud... my bargain-hunter, fan-assembler, decorator daughter.

I love you.

Carol J. Brown said…
Your room looks comfortable, not crowded. A nice retreat when you need it. Glad you found a desk you liked.