Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Getting up to leave in the middle of class.  No matter how quiet or sly I try to be, I always manage to stub my toe or have my shirt get caught on the corner of a table or run into something.  It's horribly embarrassing... and draws attention to the fact that I am, indeed, leaving in the middle of class.
  •  Fruit flies - and their invasion of my kitchen.
  •  My supervisor at my new internship takes great pleasure in parading me around the school and announcing to random groups of people that I'm bilingual, which is always followed by, "Here, show them.  Say _______ (some ridiculously obscure sentence)."  Talk about being put on the spot!
  • This picture of Joelle and I:
  • My nose hoop has a gap, and this gap always manages to find its way to the front of my nose where everyone can see it.  The only natural response is to fiddle with it and attempt to maneuver it back inside my nostril where it belongs.  Simple enough, minus the fact that it totally looks like I'm picking my nose every. single. time.
  • This plant from Ikea:
  • This dresser from Ikea:
I want.
  • This picture from Ikea (noticing a trend?  Plus, can we talk about the fact that even in its GIANT frame it's only $49???? Dang growing up and being responsible with money sucks)
  • This year, my bus picks up and drops me off directly in front of my house.  It's fantastic.
  • Today, when I went to pick up my little bus buddy from his classroom, I discovered they were having an ICE CREAM PARTY!  Heck yes, free ice cream!


Vanessa's Dad said…
"Desire" is fine... a gift from God. What you do with that is what's important.

You have both good taste and good sense.

Joelle said…
That awkward photo of us is kind of one of my favorites.
Carol J. Brown said…
That's kind of a cool picture from Ikea.
it's just "M" said…
I have that picture hanging above my couch. Love it!
Casey said…
Natalie! I love this, and I love the peacock feathers that I just now noticed, I was too enthralled with what you wrote. So I have that picture and I have that same exact plant! I love it!
Oh, this is Casey.