Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • Hanging out with someone you used to date... all norms of communication are suddenly changed.
  • Both children on my final home visit had snot the color and consistency of - well, I just won't finish that sentence because I think you get the idea.  (needless to say, I've doused myself in sanitizer and my clothes are already in the washing machine)
  • For some reason, my gmail decided today that instead of 9 new e-mails, I have 1452. 
  • Armpit hair.
  • Walking in a certain direction and then realizing that I actually need to be going the other direction … an awkward moment in and of itself. So what's the only logical reaction for a situation like this? Of course whipping out my cell phone, feigning an urgent text and furrowing my brow so that anyone who's watching me knows there's some kind of explanation for my abrupt 180. You know you do it!

    • Waking up to beautiful sunshine on my birthday.  Makes the fact that it was the God-awful hour of 5:30(am) slightly more bearable!
    • Getting the most wonderful, thoughtful, simple gifts from people.  Did I mention I had an amazing birthday?
    • Today I wore SHORTS to work.  I love Spring!
    • This text from Vanessa: "Drove past a church wit ha reader board that says: 'Still here?  So are we!  Service Sunday at 11'  A little early, but still hilarious."  Agreed.
    • The innocent and easy laughter of a small child.  I am so blessed by the many varied opportunities I have to witness this over the course of just one week.


Vanessa's Dad said…
Kids featured prominently in last Sunday's worship service. Very fun... when they are excited, and not yet concerned at all with being "cool."